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Jane Monheit는 Great American Songbook에 대한 깊은 열정을 가진 재즈이자 성인 현대 보컬리스트입니다. 명성 높은 솔로 앨범 10 개, 수많은 수상 및 영예, 20 년이 넘는 국제 투어 경험을 통해 Jane은 매우 성공적인 밴드 리더 였을뿐만 아니라 최고의 음악가, 편곡가 및 프로듀서와 함께 음악을 제작할 수있는 특권을 누 렸습니다. 재즈에서. Jane은 Manhattan School Of Music과 뉴욕의 전설적인 밴드 스탠드에서 교육을 받았으며 현재 전 세계 학생들과 지식과 경험을 공유합니다.

“Jane helped me appreciate my sound and incorporate it into many different styles. Never have I felt more connected and appreciated by a voice teacher in my life.”

Joie Bianco, student, Frost School Of Music, University of Miami 

Having the opportunity to study with Jane Monheit, over the past year and some, has been nothing short of incredible, and so positive for my career as a working musician. Like so many in the world, I’ve been an excited listener for over 20 years. Little did I know though, how truly supportive, gracious, and unpretentious she would be as a teacher/mentor. That being said, I could write for days about the technical improvements I’ve made as a vocalist. (Too many to list.) Really though, what I observe to have been even more impactful than just that, is the sense of empowerment I feel as a woman in this business. She’s encouraged me continually to trust my instincts as a performer, and to never settle - to surround myself with people that have my very best interest at heart. Jane has the voice of our time, and she’s an even better teacher!

Gillian Kohn, professional vocalist



  • 1 hr

    125 US dollars

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