Karrin Allyson

Passionate about sharing music

Allyson은 세계적으로 유명한 피아니스트이자 콩코드 재즈 레이블에 13 개의 앨범, 4 개의 그래미 후보 로 오른 보컬리스트 입니다. 앨리슨은 The Great American Song Book, 브라질 보사 노바, 프랑스 샹송, 위대한 클래식 재즈 작곡가 인 듀크 엘링턴, 테로 니 우스 몽크, 빌 에반스, 존을 포함하는 그녀의 따뜻하고 진실된 연주 스타일과 넓은 레퍼토리로 유명합니다. 그 외에 Jotra Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Webb 및 Elton John에 이르기까지 훌륭한 가수 및 작곡가들의 곡들을 본인만의 상상력으로 재 표현해왔습니다.

“Karrin is a very warm, compassionate teacher. Her teaching is effective and she always gives me valuable input.”

Hiroko Kanna

“Whether in master classes, group workshops, or private lessons, learning from Karrin is a joy and a revelation. She meets you where you are, musically, and her superb teaching, high expectations, and sense of humor enable you to accomplish more than you could have imagined. Taking lessons with Karrin is one of my life’s greatest pleasures!”

Susan Brison

“Karrin has a no nonsense approach to teaching but also with gentle instruction. This is a great combination of taking us students seriously and guiding us to better performances. A wonderful way to learn!”

Rosemary Miller

“I am learning how to communicate with my band mates on stage – she’s teaching me how to lead my band. I feel her love of the music through her teaching- that’s why I like to spend time with Karrin!”

 Asako Takasaki



  • Focus on Your Individual Needs

    1 hr

    125 US dollars

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